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Adults 13+ years old
Children 6-12 years old

Learn more about the culture and wine of Pico Island

The history of wine on the island of Pico goes back to the 15th century, the time of the first settlers. Since then, an impressive network of dry lava stone walls has been created, and vines grow in between.

We invite you to discover the evidences of the golden wine age.

Starting our tour in Lajes do Pico, we will head along the South Coast in the direction of Madalena. During a first stop in São Mateus, we will start to have an idea about the extension of vineyards (this wine was once exported to nearly the whole world!), but also an idea of how the wine production has changed over the years.

Continuing along the coastline, we will discover built centers of adegas, that nowadays seem abandoned. The little lava stone houses are only used as weekend houses or for the production of the local table wine, that still nearly every inhabitant produces for their own personal consumption.

In the protected landscape of vineyards, we will find tidal wells, distilleries, wine presses, ancient warehouses, “Rola-pipas” (stone ramps), “relheiras” (marks caused by the constant passage of oxcarts), and manor houses.

Finally, we will reach the vineyards of Criação Velha, the heart of the UNESCO Heritage site. Having a stroll through the area, it becomes clear why Pico’s wine is so different and unique in the world.

In the nearby wine cooperative, we will have the opportunity to taste the wine. Then, it is time to return to Lajes do Pico.