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At Épico we believe that living makes more sense if we do it in an intense and Epic way. That is why we are totally committed to this project, looking for the perfect fusion between the magic of Pico island and the offer of unique experiences! If you found us, certainly you are also épico!

What does it mean to be epic?

To be epic is to walk in lava fields and feel the force of the volcano’s magma on your feet.

To put on your boots and go chasing cows and  restless calves on fresh grass pastures.

Losing track of the hours while enjoying the sunset between volcanoes.

Throw yourself into the Atlantic Ocean and dive into crystal clear waters.

Being epic is certainly having the opportunity to enjoy unique wines, produced between rocks with a touch of  sea salt. Maybe combine the wines with fresh fish or seafood and let the orchestra of flavors take over.

To be epic is to know how to hear the stories of those who lived here when times were toughest, and understand the heritage that each one carries on this island.

To be epic is to be able to carry in your luggage a new self, much richer and more complete.

Maybe we’re all epic, waiting to get to Pico!

Our story

Our Épico journey started in 2015, with a very personal project by Cláudia, who believes that travelling to Pico can and must be an Epic experience! After six years in public administration, in the area of ​​cultural animation, she felt that it was time to reinvent herself and leave a personal mark in the way how visitors discover and experience Pico island.

Since then we have already shared our favorite places on the island with more than 4000 visitors from the four corners of the world, and we continue to reinvent ourselves every day, so that your travel experience can also be Epic! 

Épico Values


  • HONESTY – with our customers and with our partners: we seek the fairest prices, the highest quality offers and the most genuine services, respecting ethics.


  • SUSTAINABILITY – we believe that it only makes sense to develop tourist activities if they ensure social and economic benefits, as well as benefits relating to nature conservation on spot we work.


  • CREATIVITY – we do not sit on the offer of more conventional kind of tours. We believe that the trip to Pico is an experience in itself that deserves to be as personalized as possible, and there is so much to do here!