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Quick Details

Adult 13+ years
Children 6-12 years

Discover the volcanoes and lagoons of Pico Island

On Pico’s central plateau, there are more than 200 volcanic cones and a large number of lakes and ponds that represent rare biotopes. In this rather remote area, we can find a high level of biodiversity and still appreciate the variety of the endemic flora. We will also enjoy the most beautiful views over the ocean and the surrounding islands. There, we will be able to enjoy Pico’s nature at its best and experience the volcanic origin of the island.

We will first pick you up in Madalena for this incredible full-day adventure. During the tour, we will discover Pico’s “mysteries,” visit beautiful little lakes and several viewpoints. We will pass by Pico da Urze, a volcano offering a wonderful panorama over Pico mountain and by the volcanic complex of the island’s eastern part.

In the afternoon, after a picnic lunch the adventure continues. Provided with helmets and flashlights, we will join a guided tour through Portugal’s longest lava tube*: Gruta das Torres, 5,150m long (3,2 miles). This tube has existed for about 1,500 years and was created during an eruption coming from Cabeço Bravo. The guided tour to the cave lasts about 1 hour, during which you will be able to observe different geological formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, side benches, lava balls, and so much more.

Once back at the surface, we will drop you off back in Madalena after this long day full of wonders.