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Quick Details

Adults 13+ years old
Children 8-12 years old

See whales and dolphins on Pico Island

Our adventure starts in the marina of Lajes do Pico at the south coast of the island. There, during a short briefing, our biologists introduce you to the whale and dolphin watching experience in the Azores. Among other things, they talk about the rules that we follow to respect and not disturb the animals in their natural habitat, and the different species that can possibly be observed during the tour.

The trip on our Zodiac boat “Alfredo Baleeiro” takes around 3 hours. Until now, there were up to 28 different cetacean species around the Azores. We can say that every time of the year is good to go on a whale and dolphin watching trip in the Azores, but during springtime we have the greatest chances to observe the big whales: blue whales, fin whales and sei whales. Sperm whales are native and can be observed best during the summer months.

During the ride each passenger is required to wear a lifejacket. For your comfort, Futurismo Azores Whale Watching offers water resistant coats.