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Epic Recommendations

a couple of giraffe standing on top of a lush green field

1. In the Azores we offer four seasons…on the same day! Having a raincoat in your backpack is always a good option!

2. Bring comfortable, light clothing!

3. The clouds are free, and the sun is warm to the heart! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

4. Our trails were opened by men with claws, which made access to the island’s interior and coast much easier. If you bring waterproof hiking boots with good flooring, your discovery experience will be made easier!

5. At Pico we have good wines, but the best company for an outdoor activity is water. Don’t forget to fill your canteen!

6. Nature whets the appetite! Bring a small snack (chocolate, dried fruit, banana);

7. We greatly respect your well-being! If you have any health problems, let us know so we can adjust to your needs and make your experience at Pico ÉPICA.

a close up of a lush green hillside