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People in a group of 6-8

Discover the Azores & create your own souvenir

Get inspired by Pico Island’s magic and awaken your creative side! On this special day we offer you two choices:

1. Get to know the studio Barro & Barro of Marjella in Ribeirinha, where you will have the opportunity to create a hand-painted tile using the Raku technique. Of course you will be able to take your artwork home with you!


2. Travel with us to Piedade and meet the picarota Fátima Freitas. She is one of the women that uses local materials to create little pieces of art. Each piece reinvents the local traditions. We suggest a workshop with the scales of locally caught fish. Necklaces, rings, flowers, earrings…There are no limits to imagination.

After a well deserved picnic lunch we will give you time, opportunity and materials to have your own creative moment. Discover the imagination within you!

Don’t miss:

  • Creation of an art piece of clay or with fish scales
  • Landscape of the eastern part of the island
  • Available | Lajes do Pico/Silveira – free of charge
  • Fora das Lajes do Pico/Silveira – 5€ per person and way